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Do Men Snore More than Women?

men and women snoring

There are definite gender differences when it comes to those sleep-disrupting sounds. Discover the biology behind this middle-of-the-night disturbance. Nearly 90 million Americans have a habit of snoring in their sleep—and for many of these noisemakers, there are exasperated partners wondering whether he or she will ever sleep through the night again. When it comes […]

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Is Snoring Genetic?

mom holding a baby

Noisy nighttime breathing is caused by some factors you can control—and others that you cannot. Learn how snoring may be passed down from parent to child. We know that curly hair and height run in the family, but is the tendency to snore inherited as well? When it comes to the type of snoring that […]

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Does Snoring Mean I Have Sleep Apnea

man snoring in bed

Learn how serious your snoring really is and if you may have sleep apnea. Snoring can do a lot more harm than just annoy your partner—it can lead to poor sleep quality and quantity. About 90 million Americans suffer from snoring; as many as half of those may have the sleep disorder Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). While […]

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5 Lifestyle Changes that Reduce Snoring

man snoring

Put an end to noisy nights and restless sleep with these easy-to-follow tips to reduce snoring. There are some nighttime noises you can’t control, like a rowdy roommate, the neighbor’s howling dog, or cars on a nearby highway. Luckily, you can turn down the volume on one of the most common sleep-disturbing sounds: Snoring. These simple lifestyle tweaks can […]

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How to Get Enough Sleep in College

sleep deprived college kids

Sleep & Memory = Building Blocks of Learning College is synonymous with all-nighters, whether it’s cramming for an exam or cramming into a party. While sleep is a must, so are classes, club meetings, extracurricular activities and maybe even a part time job. Sleeping late on weekends might be the most popular quick fix, but […]

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7 Sneaky Sources of Drowsiness and Fatigue

7 reasons why you're exhausted

Feeling tired is a national epidemic – it’s time to stop the suffering!   And that drowsiness doesn’t just affect productivity- it can be a serious safety factor too. Approximately 15% of work injuries can be attributed to fatigue. And some of the latest data raises red flags around getting behind the wheel of a […]

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40 Dietitian Approved Bedtime Snacks

healthy bedtime snacks

Americans love to nibble post-suppertime – here’s what you need to know to make better snack choices Dinner seems like it happened ages ago and the subtle pangs of hunger are becoming increasingly louder. Your stomach is telling you it’s time for a snack before bedtime. But the question is what should you eat? Too […]

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What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

Have you ever wondered what your favorite sleep position says about your personality? A lot, according to all the research! When talking with a friend, do you stand with your arms straight by your side or with them crossed in front of your chest? Do you cock your head when listening or lean in or […]

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How to: Transition from Awake to Asleep

Having a good night’s sleep is not always easy especially after having a busy day. The constant need to feel connected to the world 24/7 gives people increasing levels of stress and “busyness” which makes getting a good night’s sleep difficult. Thankfully, nature has many cues for us to follow to help us settle down […]

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6 Best Gift Ideas for Those Who Love to Sleep

Is there anything better than the gift of great sleep? (The answer: Nope. Absolutely not.) If you still haven’t figured out what to buy for friends and family members this year, consider giving them something that will help them score better zzz’s. Useful, thoughtful, and even fun, these presents will be adored by all—yes, even […]

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