The Art of Selling Mattresses

Don’t Be A Used Car Salesmen

The landscape of mattress shopping has evolved dramatically, fueled by an explosion of product diversity, the convenience of online shopping, and the power of social media. Today, customers value the opinions of their social circles and product review websites more than retailers’ claims, profoundly shaping their shopping decisions.

This dynamic change in consumer behavior offers both challenges and opportunities for retailers. Unavoidably, not all customer experiences will be positive, and with social media at their disposal, a single negative review can ripple across thousands of potential customers in no time. But there’s a silver lining: through authentic conversations, retail sales associates (RSAs) can greatly influence customer shopping experiences and their satisfaction levels.

Breaking the Mold: Selling Experiences, Not Products

Gone are the days of scripted sales pitches. Modern customers seek unique and personalized experiences when shopping for a new mattress. At Mattress Depot USA, our focus is on providing exceptional service for each individual customer’s needs. We understand that one-size-fits-all sales tactics no longer resonate with today’s buyers.

Effective Communication: A Balance Between Art and Science

While using rehearsed lines is discouraged, some phrases and questions have proven to be effective in the sales process. However, it’s equally important to understand which statements to avoid. Remember, it’s not about whether a phrase is inherently good or bad, but rather its effectiveness in engaging the customer.


To prevent conversations from becoming robotic, RSAs should personalize and modify these statements to match their style and the customer’s mood, instead of mechanically reciting them.

Winning Phrases for RSAs


  • “How do you feel about shopping for a new mattress?” This seemingly simple question can disarm customers, making them more open to your help.
  • “Before we dive in, let’s talk about you.” Shifting the focus to the customer is the first step in building a trusting relationship.
  • “Did you know we spend a full third of our lives sleeping?” Highlighting the value of a quality mattress can shift customer perspectives.
  • “How did you choose to shop with us today?” This insight can help gauge the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.
  • “Tell me about your current mattress.” Understanding a customer’s previous experience is crucial in guiding them towards the right choice.
  • “What do you expect from a new bed set?” Clarifying customer expectations can prevent future dissatisfaction or returns.
  • “Did you know a quality mattress can greatly improve your sleep quality, thus enhancing your overall wellbeing?” Educating customers about the link between quality mattresses and quality of life can change the dynamics of the sales process.
  • “Let me show you how to extend the life of your mattress.” By offering advice on mattress care, you show customers that you care about their long-term satisfaction, not just the immediate sale.
  • “If you were to spend the night in our store, which mattress would you choose?” Creative approaches like this can help customers visualize the value and comfort of a quality mattress.

Guided Discovery: A Modern Approach to Sales

At Mattress Depot USA, we believe in embracing “guided discovery” as our approach to sales. This interactive exchange of ideas, needs, concerns, questions, and answers transforms sales presentations into genuine one-on-one conversations. We prioritize understanding our customers and their unique requirements, allowing us to provide tailored recommendations.

Listening: The Silent Art of Selling

Active listening is the secret to successful sales. Our RSAs are trained to genuinely hear and understand customer concerns before responding. By ensuring customers feel heard and validated, we eliminate the need for sales tricks or manipulations.

By adopting a more relational and customer-centric approach, Mattress Depot USA aims to enhance the shopping experience and customer satisfaction. We recognize the importance of evolving alongside our customers, and our dedicated sales team is ready to guide you towards finding the perfect mattress for a restful night’s sleep.

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