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Mattress Depot USA is proud of its friendly and knowledgeable Sleep Consultants who are committed to providing our customers with a pleasurable mattress shopping experience.

We understand this translates into sales growth over time and that is why more than 35% of our sales comes from referrals and repeat customers. This in turn translates into bigger savings for our customers because we can keep advertising costs low by relying on referrals and repeat customers. Everyday, we receive unsolicited complimentary letters from our gracious customers who thank and congratulate us on providing such outstanding customer service. Below is a sampling of letters and testimonials we have received over the years that validate commitment to our customers satisfaction.

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I came here to get a mattress for my twin and Mr Vernon helped us get the perfect mattress. He was very friendly and guided us make the right choice. My family was glad we came here to get the mattress. As a cherry on top we got the mattress on sale.
Initially was looking for/researching mattresses online and that lead to more questions than answers. Found several I wanted to try and were at stores near mattress depot, didn't find the mattresses I was looking for at those stores. Went to mattress depot because it was close and couldn't have been happier with the experience. Vernon's customer service is some of the best I've experienced. Perfect balance of information/help and not hovering. Decided on a mattress and realized that night how much softer it was than my current mattress. Called the next day and delayed shipping. Went back in and Vernon switched me to a different mattress with no problems. Thanks Vernon!
I had a terrible experience with Vernon Higginbotham and his boss David Taylor. I purchased a mattress through Vernon on 08/13. The mattress started sagging badly within 15 days of purchase (almost 2 inches of sag in multiple places). I found out that I had been given the last piece in their inventory for that manufacturer and they are not even selling mattresses from the manufacturer any more. Vernon had pushed out the last defective piece to me. I filed the warranty claim, and it was approved by the manufacturer. But they had me against the wall now, and started adding conditions on how I can use the warranty credit. Vernon and his boss David said that (a) I have to buy another mattress from the same store to take benefit of the warranty claim credit. (b) I cannot get the credit back in cash. (c) They tried to rush me into selecting a replacement by saying that I will lose my warranty claim credit unless I do so within 3 days. I pushed back and managed to get slightly longer to make my choice. (d) If I avail the warranty claim, I will still need to pay $140 for the disposal of the old defective mattress and delivery of a new one If the mattress sagging issue is not my fault, but a manufacturing defect acknowledged by the manufacturer, why should I pay for the disposal and delivery charges?When I asked them these questions (politely), they pretty much took a "we don't care, we cannot help you", "now that you have bought from us, you don't have a choice but to do as we say or lose your money" tone. David very rudely hung up on me twice, once with the F* word at the end of the conversation.I would strongly recommend not buying with Vernon and David. They appear very polished and helpful before the sale, and provide zero customer experience and are very rude after you have completed the purchase. A complete trap.
Great purchase experience! I was looking for a mattress that would support my backache and Vernon, who attended to me ensured I got what I wanted. Apart from trying out the mattresses, I also got information about the materials used in the mattress. All these helped me make an informed decision. I'm really glad about my purchase and the exceptional customer service!
I recently went to Mattress Depot in Redmond to purchase a new mattress for my family . Let me tell you it was the best experience ever. Not only me and my husband were able to try out the mattress to see if it is to our liking but we also were able to select the perfect mattress. This would not be possible if not for Vernon. He is great at his job and he spends his time to make sure you leave the store happy. If you ever need a mattress or a pillow please go to Mattress Depot USA in Redmond and ask for Vernon. You will not regret it. Thanks again for helping us select the most comfortable mattress for reasonable price.
David was amazing! He gave us an amazing price and had great service. I recommend coming here if you need a new mattress!
I’m having to suddenly move and dropped by mattress depot to ask if they could provide me with any plastic bags that I could use to cover and protect my mattress during the move transportation and they (David) gladly provided me with one for free! I really appreciated it because I was worried about how to find a large bag in such short notice. Thank you for the kindness!!
Very kind and fast, would shop here again! David and Vernon were knowledgeable and friendly, and had lots of suggestions to tailor our shopping experience. Thanks!
I recently purchased mattress from Mattress Depot in Bellevue. I got great customer service by Vernon. He showed me multiple mattresses with detailed descriptions. With his help & product knowledge, I was able to grab an amazing deal according to my requirements. This place also offers delivery to Seattle at good prices. I would definitely come back again for more mattresses in future.
Vernon was just amazing. I don’t think any other words is needed to describe him. He was kind and helpful and honest. He helped us decide on the right mattress in a really short amount of time. Had such a great shopping here and will definitely recommend.