Common Dreams Part 4: “I’m Flying!”

Welcome to the fourth part of our Common Dreams mini-series, where we explore the meaning behind our dreams. This time, we will delve into flying dreams.
Flying dreams are considered to be part of the lucid dream category, where dreamers are aware that they are dreaming. Many people describe the feeling of flying in their dreams as exhilarating, joyful, and liberating.
If you are flying with ease and enjoying the landscape below, it suggests that you are in control of a situation and have risen above it. It may also mean that you have gained a new perspective on things. The ability to control your flight represents your sense of power.

“I’m Flying”

However, if you are having difficulty staying in flight or staying on course, it indicates a lack of power in controlling your circumstances. Obstacles such as power lines, trees, or mountains may symbolize something or someone that is blocking your path in real life. It’s important to identify these obstacles and confront them with confidence.

Feeling fear while flying or flying too high suggests that you are afraid of challenges and success. It’s possible that you are not ready to take the next step in your life.

Since we cannot fly in reality, flying dreams may represent things that are beyond our physical limitations. In our minds, we can be anyone and do anything. Flying dreams can also symbolize our strong will and mindset. We feel unbeatable, and nothing can stop us from accomplishing our goals. Flying dreams are sure to leave you with a great sense of freedom, and they remind us that we are capable of achieving anything if we believe in ourselves.

Furthermore, flying dreams can also represent a desire to escape from reality. It could be that you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by something in your waking life and are seeking a way to escape or alleviate those feelings. Flying in your dreams can serve as a temporary reprieve from those emotions and provide a sense of freedom and release.

In some cases, flying dreams can also be interpreted as a spiritual experience or a symbol of transcendence. It could be that you are experiencing a sense of spiritual awakening or growth and the act of flying represents a journey toward a higher state of consciousness. Overall, flying dreams can be a powerful and positive experience that can represent a sense of power, freedom, and escape. However, they can also reveal underlying fears or anxieties that need to be addressed in order to fully harness the potential of such dreams.

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