What Your Alarm Clock Says About You

Time to wake and start your day

That dreaded noise rings at the same time every morning. Why must I wake up? Can’t I snooze longer? Just 5 more minutes? At some point you might throw the alarm – hope it’s not your phone – bang the snooze button continuously or bury yourself under pillows, hoping it stops.

Do you have an alarm clock personality? How can you improve your use of the morning alarm? Don’t worry, Sherlock Spallone is once again ready to solve the alarm clock dilemma.

If you hit the snooze button repeatedly…rise n shine

You’re a snooze sneaker. The day could freeze if you had your way. You can hit the snooze button again and again “You wait until crunch time to get going, leaving only a few minutes to get dressed and out the door,” explains Dr. Linda Sapadin who specializes in time management.

If you bang on your snooze button every morning, it may mean you aren’t getting an adequate amount of sleep. You may suffer from insomnia or even sleep apnea. Pressing snooze because you can’t bear the thought of starting your day on a daily basis, could also be a pre-sign of depression or anxiety.

Tip – Try planning out a sleep routine that forces you to get moving in the morning. Move your alarm clock away from the bed – so you have to get up to hit the snooze.

If you get up earlier than you really need to…

You’re a morning keener. A stereotypical, cheery morning person. You set the alarm early, no matter the circumstance and you’re never late. You make time to have a morning coffee, read the paper or watch the daily headlines. This can lead to a stress-free and productive way to start your day.

Another sign of morning keener is a highly orchestrated snooze button routine. You set the first alarm at, say, 7:30 a.m. so you can snooze for a half hour before you actually need to be awake at 8:00 a.m. Your body needs that wake-up period and you plan out each time you hit the snooze.

Tip – You have it figured out! Gold star!

If you use more than one alarm clock…

You’re a snooze worrier. If you have a clock on your night stand, one across the room and the phone set, you don’t trust yourself to wake up in a timely manner. We’ve all been there, freaking out about being on time in the morning. We say to ourselves, “If there’s a clock ringing across the room, I’ll get up!” But does it happen? You need a back-up plan to feel safe. Try planning out a sleep routine and slowly only set one alarm in the morning.

If you rely on a person as your alarm clock…

You’re snooze dependent. Given the option, you love the idea of a gentle nudge in the morning to wake up. If your morning wakeup routine consists of a roommate or partner nagging and shaking you to wake up, there may be a deeper issue. What if they don’t wake up on time? Is it okay to be angry with them?

Tip – Talk with your partner. Plan a few days to wake them up for a change or use an alarm.

If you don’t have an alarm at all…

You’re wake-up warrior. I applaud you! You’ve somehow shunned a mechanical device in favor of a natural wake-up call. “You trust your body to wake on its own,” says Sapadin.

Tip – Consistently rising on your own signals you’re getting the correct amount of Zzzzs each night. Good job!

Time to get better at this waking up exercise!

After figuring out your alarm clock personality, you may have had an epiphany and ready to improve. Try these tips:
1. Develop a consistent morning routine
2. Find the right alarm clock
3. Try the R.I.S.E.U.P. method

Alarm clock fun facts

• 83% of 19-29 year olds use a phone alarm
• About 10% of people ignore their alarm the first 3 times
• The average time an alarm clock is set for is 7:04 a.m.
• More than 50% of people over 55 wake up au natural
• Men are more likely to forget to set an alarm clock than women

Time to strategize a routine with your morning alarm. Don’t let the clock rule your life! The time has come to be smiley in the morning and have a productive day.

Share your alarm clock stories and tips with us! We would love to hear from you!

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