Snooze News: Picking Sides of the Bed

Survey of bedside practices: Where Americans lie down affects sleep quality, relationships.

couple sleepingCould something as simple as picking the right side of the bed actually make a difference in how people sleep? It may, according to a new Pick Your Side survey that looks at the bedside practices of Americans and their impact on sleep, relationships and well-being.

The poll by the online mattress maker Saatva shows that the majority of those interviews (54%) want to get up on the ride side of the bed. Literally. It also found that 71% of men said they care about which side they sleep on, compared to 60% of women.

On the other hand, 72% of women said they need their space and prefer to face away from their partners, compared to 55% of men.

Not surprising, technology is a leading factor when choosing the side of the bed. In fact, 75% of Americans agree that being close to the outlets would determine the side of the bed they choose, as compare with choosing to be near the bathroom (67%), window (58%) or door (48%).

Which side do you sleep on? Would you rather sleep by the nearest outlet? Window? Door? Bathroom? Or perhaps a wall?

Article Source: Sleep Savvy Magazine, May/June 2015

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