No Sleep until the Seahawks Come Home 16-3!

I'm In!If you are a Seahawk fan then I am sure you haven’t been getting a lot of sleep this week with the heavy anticipation of the “Big Game.” It’s been 8 long years since our return to the Super Bowl and you can tell that we are proud of our team.

Stepping outside my door and driving around to various errands in the greater Seattle area, I see car flags flapping in the wind, 12th Man Flags hanging from buildings, posters and window art in store front windows. Everywhere I go, the 12th Man is alive. “I’m In” on Facebook pages and social media sites, but one question remains, “Will this be our year?”

Thousands of people lined the streets to send our boys off to New York and it is and experience that these players will never forget. The 12th Man stands behind them on their journey to the Big Apple as we all wish we could be there to cheer them on. Sunday’s game is going to be a big day.

Russel WilsonI heard on the news that the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl this year has united the community of Seattle, brought us closer together and I couldn’t agree more. In the supermarkets, the clerks are donning their Hawk apparel and instead of saying “have a nice day,” they say proudly, “Go Hawks!” The city as a whole seems to be in a better mood really. After the big win against the 49ner’s, I was wearing my jersey in a 7/11 store on my way home and a stranger just started chatting it up with me about the big win.

Whether the Seahawks win or not on Sunday, one thing remains the same, we love our Seahawks. They have made us and the state proud. So will this be our year? Of course I say “Yes! Go Hawks!”

ImageToday is the last Blue Friday of the season and you know the 12th Man will be out in full force today. Everywhere I go, people will be sporting their Seahawk pride. Only 8 more hours left in our work day and another 40 hours until Sunday. There is much preparation to be done for Super Bowl parties big and small.

So as you are getting ready this week after the long anticipation of the game looming in the air, just remember to try and get some sleep and Sunday be prepared to cheer your tail off. LET’S GO HAWKS!


Written By Kayla Schafer, Marketing Director, Mattress Depot USA

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