Snooze News: 4 Easy Ways to Settle Your Soul

With today’s demanding work schedule, personal obligations and more, Americans rarely seem to appreciate a few moments of serenity. lotus flower

In a recent article, the Huffington Post noted, “In an attempt to conquer it all, we’re always on the go, always occupied and always a step ahead.” But what if being idle were just as productive – and necessary – as being super busy?

The article outlined the following stress busters that can invite calmness into heart and mind – and lower your heart rate and improve outlook.

1) Meditation: These can be customized to whatever you find soothing and empowering. All you need is to find a quiet place, close your eyes and breath.

2) Exercise: Being active releases feel-good chemicals in your brain. “Move in any way you love, ” the Huffington Post advised. Just remember to move.

3) Memories: Recalling fond experiences from “back in the day” is an effective way to “escape current circumstances and temporarily travel to a happier place,” the article added.

4) Writing: Take out a piece of paper (not a laptop) and jot down whatever’s on your mind. The concerns on your mind will flow out of your fingertips.


[Article source: Sleep Savvy Magazine January/February 2014]

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