Baby Got Back!

Seattle is known in the music industry as the inventor of the “grunge” era, but let’s not forget our friends in the rap community and one man put Seattle on the map. 

Recently at Mattress Depot USA, we were asked our employees to share sales stories with fellow co-workers about how they took that sale to the next level and not only helped the customer find the perfect product mix for their needs but also helping their own personal gains as well. Here is one story narrated by one of our sales expert. 

 A 40-something year old man walks into Covington this morning wearing old basketball shorts and a plain black t-shirt.  I didn’t see what he was driving, but he came from the general direction of Moneytree.  I greeted him and struck up a sales conversation.  He happened to see our store when he went to Taco Time. Turns out he had been looking at Tempurpedic, I-Comfort, and others at Sleep Country and Savvy.  I found out that his wife tends to sleep hot, so off we go to the Sealy Optimum presentation.

He said he likes the 9 inch mattress option, and while he was on it, I put him in the Zero Gravity position with the adjustable remote on the adjustable mattress frame.

In the end, he purchased an Optimum split king with an adjustable frame, pillows and protectors, and saved him a ton over Sleep Country.

 Our new rep from Emerald was in the store, and when the customer left he asked, ” Do you know who that was?” I just shook my head. “That was Sir Mix-A-Lot the rapper!” 

 I try to treat everyone like they are worth a million bucks.  As it turned out, Anthony Ray is worth a bit more than that.


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