Sleep Shorts: The 10-15 Minute Mattress Test

In the mattress industry this rule of thumb seems elementary, but you would be surprised by the amount of people that purchase a bed doing the “5 fingers tells me all push down test.”

You know the maneuver that some do when they shop for beds. Pushing down on the bed with their hand and expecting the heavens to open to open and light to shine upon the mattress in some form of affirmation.

MattressIt is silly, really. People laying cross-ways on a bed with feet hanging over the side. Testing a bed in a heavy winter coat, or without their significant other. The time you spend really trying out a mattress will directly impact your satisfaction with the mattress you purchase. Period.

Helpful tips

Be sure to lie down on the mattress you wish to purchase and plan to spend some time on it.

Lie down in the following positions:

–          How you go to sleep

–          The way you wake up in the middle of the night

–          How you wake up in the morning

Focus on the areas of your body that feel the most pressure, or pressure points. These areas will be the most problematic long term and could cause you pain. If you sleep on your side and your shoulder is hurting after 5 minutes, the mattress you are problem on is not the one for you.

Make sure you try your sleeping position with a pillow, your own of the stores. This is an important part of a good night’s sleep too.

A good night’s sleep has many parts to it – sheets, pillows, the mattress, temperature of the room and more. Trying a mattress out without a pillow of some sort is similar to test driving a car with bald tires; it just doesn’t work the same.

[Source: Garner’s Mattress & More Book]

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