Back to School: Tips for Helping Students Get Better Sleep

Back to school is upon us and as parents are getting ready to send their kids off to school there are some things they need besides peachy folders and erasers…and that is a good night’s sleep.

The American Academy of Sleep recommends teens 13-18 get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night, where as adults 18 and older need at least 7 hours of sleep.

David Smith, Owner of Mattress Depot USA, helps parents get their kids back to school ready with some key products that will not only help them be more comfortable while away at college, but they are compact and light, making moving into the dorm or a new house a piece of cake. So ditch the uHaul and let us show you how to pack your ideal sleeping environment and making your dorm room you home away from home.

Easy to move and pack mattresses

Packing for college can be tricky when you are confined to just one carload. We recommend the 8″ Slumber-pedic memory foam mattress paired with the High Rise adjustable base is a great combination for a college student. The memory foam mattress is a plush feel and much more comfortable than those plastic covered dorm beds. It is easy to move and pack too.

The mattress comes rolled up in a protective bag and the bed base folds in half in a thin box, that make it packing it into a compact car a breeze. No additional bulky box spring foundation is needed, it doubles as both a frame and a box spring. Simply unroll the mattress in the new bedroom and VOILA! let it expand and you are all set for a great year of sleep!….I mean school.

This bed base is a win-win for maximizing storage and space in small living quarters.

Stress Soothing Pillows

To help college students relax at night and melt away the stress of their busy schedule, aromatherapy pillows are great for relaxation and deep sleep. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries as a way to help increase quality of life. Today people are learning more about aromatherapy and the benefit it plays at home and in our daily lives. Sure they smell good, but they also help stimulate and trigger the brain to ease stress and tension, aches and pains to helping with respiratory issues.

Lavender and Chamomile were both used by the Romans to help destress and treat insomnia. Now you can buy pillows that come infused with these scents. Here are our top aromatherapy pillows:

MZCHADPIL_6_web1) Lavender Pillow – Great for easing tension and stress, studies show it promotes concentration and stabilizes moods.

2) Chamomile Pillow Melt away stress and promote relaxation with roman chamomile

3) Peppermint Pillow – Great for those who suffer with allergies, peppermint is great for asthma and allergies.

To learn more about these scents visit our other blog posts: Sleep Scents: Chamomile and Sleep Scents: Lavender. Or shop the whole collection of aromatherapy pillows on our website.

Mattress Protectors

One of the most important bedding accessories you can buy for your student is a mattress protector. These are different than a mattress pad because they are a thin fitted sheet style bedding laying that goes directly over your mattress, and then you place your sheet set on top of them.

The mattress protector acts as a barrier against any liquids, such as coffee or energy drinks, but also sweat and skin cells that can seep into the mattress.

Perhaps more importantly though, they help protect your mattress from harmful invaders like bed bugs, dust mites and other microorganisms that are crawling around the college dorm. Be sure to check our full line up of Mattress Protection on our site.

If your child is going back to school in a warmer climate area, or they are just a hot sleeper, then be sure to check our line up of Cool Tech products by Easy Rest. These pillows and mattress protectors featuring cooling Ice Fabric that helps dissipate heat while you sleep, keeping you at the optimum temperature for sleep.

Don’t Skimp on Sheets

Shopping for new sheets can be a bit daunting. Most of us instantly think that thread-count system is the way to go. However a higher thread count means a denser less breathable sheet. Therefore, if you are a warm sleeper, I wouldn’t recommend the pricey Egyptian cotton 1000 thread count sheets. You can actually get a nice quality, breathable sheet for much less.

We recommend 2 year round sheets that are breathable and durable, additionally they are made with natural fibers and hypoallergenic too. Bamboo and Tencel sheet sets are a great option for dorm rooms. Both have the silky feeling against your skin and are only about 600 thread count, making them comfortable all year long.

  1. Bamboo from Rayon Sheet Sets by Malouf – Bamboo is great option for those with allergies but want a cotton like sheet set feel.
  2. Tencel Sheet Sets by Malouf – Made from Eucalyptus fibers, Tencel is a great all year round, natural fiber sheet set that will have you sleeping in silky bliss.

How are you preparing to send your student(s) off to school? Are you helping them move into a dorm or a new house? Be sure to check out our Facebook page for a special coupon code for additional savings and don’t forget to shop our Anniversary Sale in all Mattress Depot USA store locations.

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