3 Beautiful Bedrooms Designs by Sealy

Having a serene bedroom to retreat to at the end of the day is key to helping relax and reduce stress. There is nothing worse than trying to relax in a busy bedroom with wild colors and clutter. Our partners Sealy, have some pretty nice designs to help spruce up your bedroom to a chic and stylish design that you can copy and make your own.

1) Earthy

Beautiful designed earth tones for a rustic retreat feel. Featuring a leaf damask ombre wall paper and wood headboard. I love how they added a nice piece of a wood branch to really make the room grab your attention.


Tan and Earth bedroom design
Earthy Bedroom
Modern Earth Tones
Modern Earth Tones

The above bedroom reminds me of a modern earthy feel that you would maybe find in a city or urban loft. The dark wood floors contrast nicely with the light night stand table and walls. A nice picture of a tree helps to accent the headboard and bring together the overall feel of the room.

2) Got the Blues

If there is one color that makes people feel more relaxed and calm, it’s blue. Take a minimalist approach like this city dweller to still find a peaceful place to rest while living amongst the hussel and bussel of city life.

Urban Earth Tones
Blue Accent Tones

The blue tones in the painting really tie together nicely with the night stand and dark floors. Together they create a nice balance in the room while taking advantage of the natural light coming in from the large window.


Blue and Grey Bedroom tones
Pops of Color, Blue and Gray

To give a room more of a contrast, try adding in a pop of color like the blue on the area rug and tieing in the pillows on the bed and the wall. Keep the wall color clean and fresh with a light gray color which all balance well with nice dark floors and white furniture finishes.

3) Hot and Cold In Harmony

Warm and cool color combined
Warm and cool color combined

Have light colored floors? Just because dark wood floors are the trend doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars to update your bedroom look. To help contrast pull in a dark grey color for the walls and mix in with light colors such as white and light blue. Tan and Neutral color furniture help add balance and complexity to the room.

Tell us what you think!

Which bedroom design style is your favorite? What would you do differently?

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