The Benefits of an Adjustable Base 

You may be shopping for a new mattress recently and the Sales Associate might have talked about an adjustable base. You look at the price tag and may have had some sticker shock, but an adjustable base is an investment towards your health.

Many Americans are not getting enough sleep at night because they are not in a comfortable mattress that is right for their body. Whether they are suffering from health conditions like acid reflux or sleep apnea to just plain Jane aches and pains, getting a good night’s rest is crucial to help our bodies rest and recover.

While mattress technology has made tremendous progress over the years one fact still remains the same, traditional sleep systems lack the ability to evenly distribute pressure over the entire sleep surface.

5 Benefits of an Adjustable Base

  1. It’s good for your heart and circulation – laying flat increases strain on the heart by forcing your heart to work harder to take oxygen to your body through the bloodstream. An adjustable allows you to adjust the angle that reduces strain on the heart and promotes proper circulation.
  2. Reduces aches and pains – when we sleep on a flat surface, our bodies cannot maintain proper posture when sleeping, therefore creating tension on muscles and joints. This greatly impacts the rest and rejuvenation your body and muscles need to recuperate during the night. An adjustable base allows for customized support to different areas of the body such as head and neck, lower back, legs and knees, feet and ankles.
  3.  Promotes relaxation – an adjustable base allows you to more comfortable lay in your bed and watch TV or read a book by being able to properly support your upper body by positioning the base to lift your head and torso area. These activities help you feel more relaxed and can make you sleepy. Some adjustable even have massaging features built in which can help increase relaxation and stimulate blood flow.
  4. Alleviates allergies and breathing woes – nothing is worse than laying down in bed and not being able to breath, whether that is caused by allergies, a common cold or perhaps something more chronic like narrow nasal passages ways which leads to sleep apnea. Sometimes propping up pillows just doesn’t cut it for comfort and can often create more aches and pains in the lower back. With an adjustable, you can get the proper angle to find relief for both your nose and your body.
  5. Helps with Mobility – For those who have mobility restrictions, an adjustable bed can help you get in or out of bed with greater ease and can help prevent any further injuries. Additionally, if you had a recent surgery you may need to have your head or legs elevated for greater comfort and recovery.

If you are interested in learning more about adjustable beds and if one might be right for you, please call or visit one of our showrooms and a knowledge Sales Associate can help answer your questions. You can also shop our collection of adjustable bases and compare features on our website.

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