Selecting the Best Bedding Gifts this Christmas

Fall is here, and you know what that means! Time to beat the holiday rush and find the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones. You probably already have the ideal gift in mind for a handful of the people on your list, but what about the people who seem to have everything? Just thinking about shopping for those people can punch you in the gut with ulcers. Well, worry no more because we have the perfect gift for everyone on your list–even the impossible ones. Give your loved ones the priceless gift of better sleep with these fabulous products.

ActiveDough Pillow

ActiveDough pillows are specially designed for your loved one’s comfort and contain properties that will address their specific sleep needs. These amazing pillows do it all! They combine the quick response and comfort of latex with the pressure-relieving contour of memory foam. They are also designed to offer specialized, zonal support to the head, neck, and shoulders. These pillows take it a step further with a temperature-regulating mesh cover.

As if all that wasn’t enough, ActiveDough pillows are infused with a variety of different therapeutic ingredients. For example, ActiveDough Charcoal pillows are hypoallergenic. Infused with activated bamboo charcoal, these pillows absorb the impurities that cause serious problems for people with allergies or asthma. For the insomniac on your list, get an aromatherapy pillow infused with calming lavender or soothing chamomile. Finally, help clear up the nasal passageways of your favorite snorers with a peppermint-infused pillow. 

Body Temp Regulators

You probably know and love someone who seems to have lava coursing through their veins. Being hot all the time can lead to sleepless nights. Give them the life-changing gift of a cool night’s sleep with a body temp regulator. The Cool Tech Mattress Protector is made of a special, cool-to-the-touch fabric that helps to regulate body temperature. For even more cooling power, get the Sleep Tite IceTech Mattress Protector. This amazing product is designed with cooling technology that literally pulls heat away from the body, helping your perpetually hot loved one stay cool all night long.

Of course, we all know that much of our body heat is stored in our heads. This makes cooling pillows the perfect solution for people who run hot. The Blue Ice Gel Memory Foam Pillow offers three layers of cooling technology. First is the Blue Ice silk cover which is cool to the touch and silky smooth. Next comes a material called Phase Change Material, or PSM. PSM uses state-of-the-art science and technology to absorb and release heat. Lastly, there is a layer of aerated memory foam which is included for superior comfort and breathability. 

To take your cooling pillow to the next level, go for the CarbonCool Omniphase Pillow. This pillow has the PSM mentioned above, plus graphite-infused memory foam which pulls heat away from the head, neck, and face. This is the most advanced pillow-cooling technology that you can get. 

New Sheets

A new sheet set is the perfect gift for the people on your list who have everything. Who doesn’t love the fresh feel of crisp, new sheets? Of course, you don’t want to give your loved ones just any old sheet set. Treat them to the very best. Rayon made from bamboo is the cutting-edge fabric for today’s premium sheets. These sheets are breathable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and soft. They are even ideal for people with sensitive skin. With a brand-new Rayon from Bamboo sheet set on their bed, your loved ones will get the sleep of their dreams. 

Gone are the days of lumpy pillows, sweaty mattress protectors, and itchy sheets. Today’s sleep technology has made advancements that people just a few years ago could never even imagine. This year, treat everyone on your shopping list with a gift that they will actually keep, use, and love for years to come: the gift of improved sleep quality. 

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