All Memory Foam Is Created Equal? – Guess Again.

False. No matter what someone tells you, this is not true. Memory foam is a very unique animal in the foam world. It is denser and more viscous and fluid like than regular foam.

Tempur-Pedic has done an amazing job, creating extremely durable, comfortable, and wonderful-feeling memory foam. No doubt they are the “gold standard” by which all other memory foam is measured. Memory-Foam-Hand_web

Other memory foam may be similar density but will not have the exact firmness or viscousity that only Tempur-Pedic can accomplish. This is not to say that other memory foam is bad, it’s just different. Therefore, a different standard should be applied at a different cost. Ultimately, if it doesn’t feel like a Tempur-Pedic, it’s not the same as a Tempur-pedic. 

Now this is not to say that if you don’t like the feel of Tempur-Pedic, than you should rule out memory foam completely. Many other manufacturers make a great memory foam product with unique features that complement the memory foam layers they are using.

The truth is that Tempur-Pedic has a patented formulation of visco memory foam. Therefore, copying this formulation is illegal. It is perfectly OK to enjoy the feel of memory foam and not purchase a Tempur-Pedic as other companies, like Mattress Depot USA, make very nice memory foam mattresses.

memory foamIn 2012, we saw more memory foam introductions to the market place than many of the previous years combined. 2012 was the year of GEL. Gel infused memory foam is designed to draw body heat away from the body thus providing a cooler environment to sleep in. Reduction of heat within the sleeping surface is certainly nothing new, for years mattresses have been made with temperature neutral covers.

We not only feel that GEL infused memory foam products offer a unique temperature story but they also offer a different and unique feel, and that is the primary reason why we choose to offer different memory foam products.

Our job is to play matchmaker. We match different body types and sleep needs to the mattresses we carry. So for this reason it is in our best interest of our customers, we choose to offer other memory foam products and GEL infused memory foam products.

[Source: Garner’s Mattresses & More Book]

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