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Sleep Habits of: Bears

Brown Bear

Find out what hibernation is, exactly, and how bears’ habits change with the seasons. If asked to describe how bears sleep, most people would probably say something about how they hibernate all winter. That’s true…sort of. The deciding factors in how much these animals sleep are the season and how much foraging for food they […]

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Does the Food We Eat Affect Our Dreams?

chase dream

Have you ever eaten a rich, cheesy dinner (hello, ravioli in Alfredo sauce!), gone to sleep, and had an absolutely horrible nightmare? If so, you might have wondered: Could the food and the bad dream be related? While there is no scientific proof that what you eat can affect your dreams, that doesn’t stop some […]

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Can a Massage Help You Sleep Better?

Neck massage

Go ahead and book that deep shiatsu massage session. Indulging in a massage at the end of a tough week isn’t just a nice way to wind down—it’s also been shown to improve sleep, according to numerous studies. Surprising? Maybe not, considering that baby massage is one of the first techniques used to help infants sleep. […]

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Can Acupuncture Help You Sleep?

Struggling to sleep at night is frustrating, and can lead to health problems. When you think about ways to get more zzz’s, being poked with needles probably doesn’t come to mind—but perhaps it should. Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese practice, has been linked to improved sleep and has also been shown to help treat insomnia. Are […]

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What Are the Best Hours to Sleep?

Sunset scape

Typically, people sleep during the hours that make the most sense for their professional, family, and social lives. Their awakening times are largely determined by these responsibilities and commitments, whereas when they go to sleep often depends on their personal preferences and evening activities. Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep per day—that’s […]

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4 Reasons to Wash Your Face Before Bed

guy washing his face

Four reasons to always cleanse your complexion before bedtime. Whether you are coming home after being stuck at the office or after a few too many cocktails, it can be hard to muster up the energy to wash your face when you’re exhausted. But skipping that pre-bedtime step can damage your skin. These are four […]

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5 Tips for Getting Kids Out of Bed


These 5 tips with help your kids and the whole family get a jump start in the morning The magic of the holidays is wearing off and the reality of the New Year and going back to school is sinking in. With New Year’s comes new goals and resolutions and perhaps one of yours is […]

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Is There A Cure for Snoring?


For people with severe snoring problems, it can sometimes feel like there isn’t any way to fix the issue. So when nothing else works, it’s obvious why someone might consider surgery. Which kind of surgery is best? That depends on what is making you snore in the first place. Take a look at some common […]

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Eating Sweets Before Bed Impacts Sleep


After a sugar loaded holiday season, you are probably thinking it is time to cut back on the sweets and get back into your regular routine. But quitting sugar can be tough. Our bodies slowly start to crave that sugar high. Not only does sugar affect your every day health, but dipping into the sweets […]

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Does Our Sleep Needs Change Seasonally?

Hate waking up when it’s dark out? Find out how winter really affects your sleep habits. With the holidays over and everyone back to school and at work, it is easy to feel more bummed out. The days are getting longer each day but we are still waking up and coming home in the dark, […]

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